The Suwanee 47, consistent with her rich legacy, is designed and built to take you where you want to go in style and comfort.  Her broad decks are a great place to lounge in the sun, while the covered aft deck below provides welcomed shade.  In addition, the wide non-skid surfaces fully enclosed by stainless steel rails provide a sense of security when moving around the boat’s exterior.

The Suwanee 47 has full instrumentation on the flying bridge for you to maneuver from above.  Also, you will find plenty of seating to accommodate your guests, plus the added bonus of storage underneath.   Tucked away under the portside cushion is a built-in icebox to hide your favorite cold beverages.  Aft, there is an open deck to store your Sunfish or dinghy for fun in the water.

The Suwanee 47 is designed for comfort, style and versatility with a variety of interior arrangement plans available to ensure your complete cruising enjoyment, whether cruising the Bay, traversing the Waterway, or exploring a river.  With her shallow draft, she easily navigates creeks and isolated coves normally accessible only to smaller boats.  We have designed the boat with the family in mind, but with a flexibility that allows for three arrangement plans to be offered.  The hull design will support many other arrangements and we would be pleased to customize one to suit your requirements.

There is a fine list of standard equipment on all arrangements of the Suwanee 47 as well as many options.  Our options list will allow us to create a Suwanee 47 to fit your needs.  We believe you will find the Suwanee 47 to be a lot of boat for a modest amount of money.

The covered aft deck is a signature of the Suwanee 47.   This area makes a comfortable lounge, observation deck, or a great spot to lunch when at anchor.  Every inch of space in the Suwanee 47 has been carefully thought out.  Designed for your complete safety, comfort and enjoyment, the Suwanee 47 is ready, willing, and able to take you on your next cruise.